Solar's Main Competition

Who are solar suppliers really competing against?

The answer is "Reddy Kilowatt."

It's true that solar companies compete not only against their solar peers but also against other sources of electricity. But when customers make decisions about energy providers, the "concept" of Reddy Kilowatt (i.e non-stop power from the local utility) still holds the advantage.

For almost 70 years, Reddy Kilowatt served as the official mascot of the electric utility industry, licensed for use by as many as 300 electric utilities in the US and abroad. Created in 1925 by Alabama Power Company executive Ashton Collins, Sr., the familiar “bolt and bulb” figure symbolized the power industry during a time of tremendous growth and goodwill.

Reddy represents specific characteristics and attributes that are the competitive strengths of all electric utilities -- attributes such as reliability, plenty of capacity, plug-in ready, and always available.

Even though we don't see Reddy Kilowatt mentioned today, he is an enduring symbol of our culture and a competitive advantage for electric utilities.

It's vital that solar companies of all sizes recognize and compensate for this enduring "consumer perception" in their marketing programs and activities.

Reddy Kilowatt Commercial:

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